5 Best Practices When Repairing Roads During the COVID-19 Crisis

Published: March 30, 2020


As we all do our part to help flatten the curve, a lot of non-essential businesses are closed during this time. However, it’s important to note that local, county and state governments are still operating. This means road workers are busy repairing potholes, utility workers are cutting and having to replace asphalt, and safety is still priority number one.

If you lead a road repair or utility team, you’re probably wondering how to keep your employees healthy, and we have few ideas to help:

  1. Team of One.

    • Instead of sending out a full crew, send out one person at a time. This strategy will protect your team, and reduce the potential spread of COVID-19. If your project requires multiple team members, teach your team to practice smart social distancing by staying at least six feet apart from each other. Use two vehicles, one person per car, and have a vehicle to assist with traffic control.
  2. Say Goodbye to Unnecessary Equipment.

    • COVID-19 germs can live on surfaces for long periods of time, so instruct your team to disinfect equipment before and after each shift. Make sure to carefully choose products that require no additional equipment, and cut down on tools that will save time and unwanted exposure.
  3. Use Products That Last a Lifetime.

    • Before you fill a pothole or make a utility cut, pick a product that will get the job done permanently. If you have to fix the same area again, you are not only wasting time and money - you are increasing your team’s exposure to the spread of COVID-19.
  4. Take Advantage of Empty Roads.

    • With the majority of our workforce at home, rush hour has disappeared. For pothole repair crews, this is great news. Reduced road traffic decreases typical safety risks and requires less re-routing.
  5. Rethink Your Processes and Products.

    • Right now, every company is figuring out how to operate successfully while practicing proper prevention techniques. Take this time to reflect and refine your maintenance operations:
        • Do we really need a large crew?
        • How many areas have we had to re-fix each year?
        • Which products don’t provide lifetime value?

 At Perma-Patch, we are thankful to have the opportunity to continue supporting our cities and road crews with safe, long-lasting pavement repair products. Our product can be a solution during this current time of uncertainty as well as the future, and we are here to provide more information on how to purchase.