Road with potholes

Potholes are a burden for road maintenance teams and drivers across the world. Perma-Patch permanently repairs potholes, eliminating the need for crews to come back and patch a pothole again.

  • DOT and Highway Administration
  • County Road and Bridge Crews
  • Local Municipality Streets Maintenance

Utility cut

A Utility Cut is necessary to cut trenches in pavement in order to repair or install utilities such as sewers, drainage structures, water mains, gas mains and service lines, telecommunication lines, and power conduits. Perma-Patch can be used to repair these significant cuts within the pavement, while not disrupting traffic or utility functionality in the affected area.

  • Utility and Energy Providers
  • Utility Contractors

Parking lot with a pothole

Parking lots may not get as much vehicle traffic as roads and highways, but they are still large asphalt areas that will have damage over time. Damage to parking lots and low traffic areas creates increased liability for all pedestrians and drivers accessing them. Similar to pothole repair, Perma-Patch can be used to repair damaged asphalt within parking lots.

  • All Maintenance, Repair, and Operations organizations
  • Higher Education, Military Bases, Residential Complexes, Hospitals

Sidewalk and ramo

Sidewalks, ramps, and trails are safety risks to pedestrians when they become damaged. Since these areas are generally smaller, Perma-Patch can easily be used to quickly repair damaged areas using only one person and no dry or cure time.

  • Local Municipality Streets Maintenance
  • All Maintenance, Repair, and Operations Organizations
  • Parks and Nature Preserves