In July 2012, Dunn, NC had potholes surrounding the bridge expansion joint on the heavily traveled US Interstate 95. This was creating problems for drivers and the North Carolina Department of Transportation considered this issue to be a motorcycle hazard. This area, like many others of its kind, had multiple pothole repair failures.

Perma-Patch was used to repair the potholes in the surrounding areas of the expansion joint. Our Product was successful because it remains hard on the surface and creates a watertight seal. However, underneath the surface, the material remains semi-pliable. This allows our product to expand and contract with all the different types of pressures and temperatures within the repaired area. This makes Perma-Patch the ideal repair material. Since Perma-Patch can be poured directly from the bag/pail with no need for special equipment, the crew was able to repair the potholes overnight with minimal traffic issues and maximum safety. Additionally, this repair was quick and easy with long-lasting results.

Open. Pour. Done. Fix it Once. Perma-Patch is the Pothole Solution and the one that works.


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