Perma-Patch Updates

Open, pour, and you're done! Sound familiar? Lots of companies say it, but not all companies are proven most durable by Federal Highway testing. Perma-Patch is made differently and we are here to tell you why our performance is unmatched by the competition.

With high inflation and record high pothole accidents underway, we know budgets are tight. Learn how Perma-Patch can save you money, time, and reduce overall pothole accidents.

We are glad you asked! After hearing the question a few times in the field, we felt it was time to give you a more detailed answer. Click below to read more about our products.

In 2021, Perma-Patch received the honor of being voted the #1 Pavement Repair Solution by American Infrastructure for the third time in a row.

While Hot Mix Asphalt plays a key role in the creation of roads, we believe Perma-Patch is the best option for the maintenance and repair of potholes. We detail out what sets us apart from the competition.

If you lead a road repair or utility team, you may be wondering how to keep your employees healthy and safe. We've provided our 5 Best Practices in keeping your crew safe in these unprecedented times.