What do we mean by that?

Well, Perma-Patch is trusted by DOT professionals and Municipalities across all 50 states and is DOT Approved.

How did we achieve this?

  • Engineers love our performance.
  • Crews & supervisors help drive cost savings and improved outcomes with our proven durability and ease of use.

Not convinced yet? See what your local DOT, Municipalities, and Maintenance Professionals have to say:

“My team likes the bags because they are easy to open and sturdier compared to other bagged products we have used.”
– Public Works Supervisor, SW Nebraska

Using Perma-Patch reduces workers’ exposure to the dangers of traffic. Safety is number one for us!”
– Maintenance Manager in Oklahoma

“In my 25 years of experience in this industry, Perma-Patch is the only product that does EXACTLY what it says it will!”
– Municipal Manager in North Carolina

“We have tried out other products, but they all fail fairly fast. We love the fact that Perma-Patch will stick in shallow holes and depressions.”
– Public Works Director, Front Range Colorado

“We use Perma-Patch for excavations such as potholing, utilities, valve box remediation and riser replacements. The long-lasting performance and usability saves us time and money!”
– Field Operations, Utility Company in Maryland

“It is very easy to apply, even in water. It is so versatile that we can use it for temporary or permanent repairs.”
– Field Supervisor, City in Georgia

This is one product we have had ZERO complaints about!”
Procurement Department, City in South Carolina

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