As infrastructure ages, the maintenance of roadways becomes increasingly critical to ensure safety, longevity, and functionality. One of the most effective preventative maintenance techniques is crack sealing. This method not only extends the life of roads but also prevents more significant and costly damages from occurring. In this blog post, we’ll explore the importance of crack sealing and why Perma-Patch 6690 ColdFuze is your go-to solution for effective pavement preservation.

Why is Crack Sealing Important?

1. Prevents Water Damage: Water is one of the most significant threats to pavement integrity. When water seeps into cracks, it can cause extensive damage to the sub-base, especially in colder climates where freeze-thaw cycles expand the trapped moisture and enlarge cracks. Effective crack sealing keeps water out, preserving the foundation of the road.

2. Saves Money in the Long Run: By sealing cracks early, you prevent them from expanding and causing potholes or more severe asphalt failures. This proactive approach saves significant repair costs down the road and reduces the frequency of needed maintenance.

3. Extends Pavement Life: Regular maintenance, including crack sealing, can double the lifespan of pavement. This extension prevents premature repaving projects, keeping roads functional and in good condition for a longer period.

4. Improves Safety: Unsealed cracks can lead to larger structural failures, which in turn can cause accidents and vehicle damage. Keeping roads smooth and intact through regular sealing improves safety for all road users.

5. Cost Efficiency: The product requires a significantly smaller investment in machinery and allows for quick application and cleanup, reducing labor costs and downtime dramatically.

Why Choose Perma-Patch 6690 ColdFuze for Crack Sealing?

While there are various products available for crack sealing, Perma-Patch 6690 ColdFuze stands out for several reasons:

1. Ease of Use: Unlike traditional hot-pour sealants, 6690 ColdFuze is a cold-applied sealant, eliminating the need for specialized equipment and extensive preparation. This ease of use translates into faster, safer, and more cost-effective road repairs.

2. ASTM Compliance: 6690 ColdFuze meets the stringent requirements of ASTM D6690, ensuring that it performs excellently under various conditions and matches the durability of hot-pour alternatives. This compliance not only assures quality but also peace of mind for road maintenance departments.

3. Environmentally Friendly: With no need for heating, 6690 ColdFuze is a more environmentally friendly option. It reduces energy consumption and the emission of harmful fumes, aligning with modern environmental standards and public health concerns.

4. Versatility: Perma-Patch 6690 ColdFuze is suitable for a wide range of climates and pavement types, making it a versatile choice for different climates and road conditions.

5. Cost Efficiency: The product requires a significantly smaller investment in machinery and allows for quick application and cleanup, reducing labor costs and downtime dramatically.


Crack sealing is a vital part of road maintenance that cannot be overlooked if the goal is to preserve the quality and usability of pavement over time. With Perma-Patch 6690 ColdFuze, not only can you achieve effective sealing, but you also benefit from an innovative, user-friendly, and cost-effective product. Choosing the right materials like 6690 ColdFuze ensures that your pavement maintenance efforts are successful, sustainable, and secure.

For road maintenance professionals looking to streamline their operations while ensuring the best outcomes, Perma-Patch 6690 ColdFuze provides an exceptional solution, proving that not all sealants are created equal. Embrace the change, seal those cracks, and drive confidently into the future of road maintenance.

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