12 Key Benefits of Perma-Patch VS. Hot Mix Asphalt

Give Your Crew a Break & Save Them Time From Repeat Repairs!

Published: April 2, 2021

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While Hot Mix Asphalt plays a key role in the creation of roads, we believe Perma-Patch is the best option for the maintenance and repair of potholes. What sets us apart from the competition?


  • Fixes potholes the first time. Save money, time, and hassle by eliminating repeat repairs.
  • Repairs in any weather condition. Even rain!
  • Makes longer-lasting repairs with less labor and ZERO waste. Up to 50% of hot mix asphalt used in pothole repairs goes unused.
  • Fixes a pothole right away, regardless of size. You don't have to wait for a cluster of potholes to form in order to repair them.

Below we've broken down 12 Key Benefits to using Perma-Patch vs. Hot Mix Asphalt:

DURABILITY: Stop fixing the same pothole again and again. Save money, time, and hassle.Perma-Patch is the most durable among pothole repair materials per Federal Strategic Highway Research Project “SHRP” Test, even with basic "throw and roll" application.Low durability means potholes come back. Unless proper compacting equipment is used and all preparation and temperature requirements are followed, pothole repairs with hot-mix will often fail again within six months.
WEATHER: Make repairs in any condition.Can be applied in any weather, even the rain.Cannot be used in rain or under wet conditions.
PRODUCT TEMPERATURE: No wasted material.No heating required. Perma-Patch is ready to go at any time, and can be used all day (and night) long.Hot-mix asphalt leaves the asphalt plant at 275-300°F, and starts to cool immediately. Below 225°F hot mix asphalt will not bond well to the substrate, reducing its effectivity for pavement repairs. Below 185°F hot mix starts to become too rigid to flow into repairs. Pretty soon your crew is riding around with nothing but landfill in their truck.
VERSATILITY: Finally fix your toughest challenges.Perma-Patch has extreme versatility. Trust Perma-Patch for your toughest repairs around man holes, ramps, bridge joints, narrow paths, depressions.Little versatility. Used primarily only for road repairs. Larger aggregates and fast cooling mean hot mix should really only be used for larger road repairs where a roller can be applied.
EQUIPMENT: Forget all that equipment and the big crew.No additional equipment required and only one person needed during application.Requires an asphalt plant, dump truck, compactor, and a multiple-person crew.
PREPARATION: No need for preparation: Save time and make more durable repairs.None. Simply open, pour, and done.Pothole must be thoroughly cleaned of all loose aggregate and dry. Crews that don't thoroughly prepare repair areas are simply generating the need for another future repair.
SHELF-LIFE: Be ready any time.With a 2 year shelf-life, Perma-Patch can be kept on-hand and ready for immediate repairs at any time.Hot-mix is the very definition of no shelf-life. Pickup requires coordination, planning, and frequently lost labor hours.
TACK COAT: No need for tack coat.Perma-Patch doesn't require any preparation other than removal of loose asphalt pieces and stones.Tack coat must be applied to all surfaces in the pothole. Requires tack coat and additional equipment, plus labor and additional time.
TRAFFIC & DRY TIME: Open the road fast.No dry or cure time, accepts traffic immediately.Thermoplastics require time to cure and cool, requiring traffic to be diverted for extended periods of time.
DEPTH: Fix water ponding.Can be applied as thin as ¼” or less. (must use Perma-Patch Fine Mix)Pothole depth must be a minimum of 1” in all areas of hole including at the interface of the surrounding surface. Hot asphalt mix can't fix thin areas or be feathered to an edge.
AMBIENT TEMPERATURE: Can be applied in extreme temperatures.Minimum of 0°F.Minimum of 40°F.
WASTE: Stop adding to the landfill.Minimal. Little to no waste is produced during application.High. About 25-50% of product is not usable and wasted during application.