In 2021, Perma-Patch received the honor of being voted the #1 Pavement Repair Solution by American Infrastructure for the third time in a row.

American Infrastructure magazine is a national public works and municipal trade magazine specializing in keeping Municipal Management Professionals informed. Each year, American Infrastructure polls their readers on who their favorite and most trusted brands are, and Perma-Patch rose to the top in the Equipment and Supplier segment of the survey for the third time in 3 years. Click here to check out the American Infrastructure 2022 Sourcebook where Perma-Patch is featured on pages 38 & 39.

Here at Perma-Patch, our goal is to keep traffic moving smoothly and get you where you want to go safely. We created a permanent pavement repair product to reduce costs, increase safety, and to save you time. It’s an honor to have been awarded for the third time by American Infrastructure. We take pride in our work here at Perma-Patch and will continue to produce quality products for all our customers.

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