DustScreen is targeted at mining, quarry, and construction applications where regular water trucks are employed to mitigate haul road dust.

Perma-Patch DustScreen is a turn-key system solution to reduce water consumption or improve outcomes by up to 66%.

Reduce Dust, Conserve Water, and Save Money


Perma-Patch DustScreen™

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66% Reduction in Water Utilization Costs
Environmentally Stable
Improved Visibility, Safety and Hazard Control


  • Reduces water consumption, labor, and fuel costs
  • Can be used with your existing equipment
  • Requires no special storage or handling tools
Perma-Patch DustScreen™ is 3X more effective vs. untreated water. DustScreen™ increases the amount of treatable road per truck by over 250%. Treat 3X the road miles or cut your time and cost by 66%.
Perma-Patch DustScreen™ is an environmentally inert matter that will not leach into waterways and is non-toxic to vegetation and wildlife. Areas surrounding unpaved roads will significantly reduce dust dispersal, resulting in richer, healthier growth for enhanced erosion control along the roadway. In comparison to chloride solutions, DustScreen™ will not cause accelerated oxidation (rust) of steel vehicles and equipment.
Road dust causes the road material to be released from the road into the surrounding air. This degrades the structure of unpaved road surfaces and accelerates road failure. The use of DustScreen™ensures fine particulates stay in the road, prolonging the life of the road and reducing wash-outs.
Perma-Patch DustScreen™ is effective in small volumes. Since so much less DustScreen™ is required per gallon of water, DustScreen™ is easy to transport, store, and use. Simply adding one-half gallon for every 5000 gallons of water brings the incredible water-saving benefits of DustScreen™.