Perma-Patch is thrilled to unveil our latest breakthrough in Pavement maintenance, Hot Pour crack sealant.
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Designed to deliver exceptional performance and durability, Perma-Patch Crack Sealant sets a new standard in sealing and protecting asphalt surfaces.

What sets Perma-Patch Crack Sealant apart from other crack sealants on the market is its advanced formulation, engineered using cutting-edge technology and the highest-quality materials. Our team of experts has tirelessly worked to develop a sealant that that guarantees longevity and delivers long-term results. Whether you’re a professional contractor or a facility manager looking to maintain your driveway, Perma-Patch Crack Sealant is the ultimate solution.

Here are the remarkable features and benefits of Perma-Patch Crack Sealant:

  • 1
    Durability: Perma-Patch Crack Sealant forms a robust, flexible barrier that effectively seals and prevents moisture infiltration, extending the life of asphalt surfaces. It withstands the harshest conditions without cracking or deteriorating.
  • 2
    Rapid Cure Time: Our Crack Sealant boasts an accelerated cure time, minimizing downtime and allowing for swift traffic resumption. Enjoy peace of mind as your repairs are completed promptly.
  • 3

    Ease of Use: Say goodbye to the hassle of using box cutters and dealing with cardboard waste. Perma-Patch Hot Pour Sealants are designed for effortless application.

You’re Invited to Try Our Brand New Crack Sealant

Asphalt & Concrete Sealants


  • High Performance Crack Sealer for All Climates


  • Crack Sealant Engineered for Warm to Hot Climates


  • Best-In-Class Reliable Parking Lot Sealer

Mastic T2

  • Innovative Solution to Extend the Life of Cracked Paving

Specialty Sealants

Gray Mastic

  • Innovative Solution to Extend the Life of Cracked Paving
  • Seamlessly Blends into Paving

Gray Sealant

  • Revolutionary Gray Crack Sealer Eliminates Unsightly Repair Lines
  • Seamlessly Blends into Paving

We are confident that Perma-Patch Crack Sealant will provide excellent durability, ease of use, and outstanding results. Whether you’re a professional contractor, a facility manager, or a homeowner looking to maintain your driveway, Perma-Patch Crack Sealant is the ultimate solution for all your asphalt repair needs.

Contact us today to discover more about our hot pour crack sealants and witness the transformative impact they can have on your pavement repairs. Don’t settle for anything less than exceptional quality – choose Perma-Patch Crack Sealant for outstanding results!

Product Specification Guide

D 6690 TYPE 1 (FORMERLY D 1190)
D 6690 TYPE 2 & 3 (FORMERLY D 3405)
D 8260 TYPE 1 & 2
M 324 TYPE 1 (FORMERLY M 173)
M 324 TYPE 2 & 3 (FORMERLY M 301)
FAA P 605
Perma-Patch 3405
Perma-Patch 1190
Perma-Patch PL
Perma-Patch Mastic T2
Perma-Patch Gray Sealant
Perma-Patch Gray Mastic