What does that mean for you?

Perma-Patch guarantees the LONGEST shelf life in the industry, 2 years.

For you, that means that any Perma-Patch left over at the end of pothole season will remain ready for use all year and even into next winter.

You can have the confidence to keep Perma-Patch on-hand for immediate use at any time. Find out where to buy now!


Perma-Patch is proven most durable by Federal Government testing.

By choosing Perma-Patch, you will avoid repeat repairs. This will keep your budget intact, protect your crew from repeat exposure, and fix your problem the first time.

Each Perma-Patch bagged product is equipped with a “Best Used by” date. We guarantee our product to that date. You can stock up today and trust Perma-Patch with your toughest repairs in any weather and at any timeFind out where to buy now!

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