Open, Pour, and you’re done! Sound familiar?

Lots of pothole repair companies say it, but not all are proven most durable by Federal Government Highway testing“.* We’re here to prove to you why Perma-Patch’s performance is unmatched by the competition.

What sets us apart from the competition?

Perma-Patch maintains slight internal pliability, enabling the patch to withstand changes in temperatures and pressures as surrounding materials expand and contract.

Simply put, the top surface becomes as hard as the surrounding pavement, however internally Perma-Patch maintains just enough flexibility to stick like gum into the road surface. Perma-Patch’s unique self healing properties ensure that Perma-Patch WILL NOT cause road failures in the surrounding road surface. Ready to try it out? Find out where to buy now!

Our Continued Promise to you: 3 Simple Steps. No gimmicks. Perma-Patch provides improved repair durability with easier to use packaging at an economical cost. In contrast to our competitors, Perma-Patch guarantees a 2 Year Shelf Life and is ready to pour. Keep Perma-Patch on hand to make repairs to pavement permanently.