Watch the above video to learn how to fix a pothole with Perma-Patch. This video features Jennifer Cline, also known as Miss DEWALT on Instagram, TikTok, and LinkedIn. You can watch as she tries out Perma-Patch for the first time.

At Perma-Patch, we strive to make fixing potholes accessible, painless, and permanent. That is why Perma-Patch is not only trusted by DOT and utility professionals, but also by the general public.

That being said, we were very excited to see Jennifer easily be able to use and test the product without any prior knowledge of Perma-Patch to fix a pothole permanently in her town.

Our tips we gave her: Simply open the bag, pour the product, and drive over the patch. It really is that effortless to use Perma-Patch to fix potholes permanently.

We love seeing customers try out our products for the first time and we encourage you to give Perma-Patch a try as well. Click here to request a sample today!

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