While scrolling through the news, we came across this statistic posted in an article on AAA, “Damage caused by potholes cost drivers a staggering $26.5 billion in 2021 alone.” What an expensive year for pothole related accidents. As we walk through early 2022, we know that budgets are tight this year due to high inflation and our goal is to ultimately save you money and time. 

How Potholes Form 

Pothole season is here and damaged, cracked pavement is the perfect environment for potholes to form. Water can creep into these cracks and cause further road failure. As temperatures fluctuate, this moisture expands and contracts due to repeated freezing and thawing. This will cause more potholes to form on the road surface. 

Why Perma-Patch Works 

Perma-Patch is not your average patch material. Perma-Patch is made differently with these road failures in mind. 

Perma-Patch Advantages: 
  • Proprietary pressure activated pavement repair material that hardens by compaction and accepts traffic immediately 
  • Bonds permanently to asphalt, concrete, metal, and wood, but does NOT stick to rubber tires. 

You simply just open the bag (or pail), pour the product into the pothole, and drive over the patched area to compact. 

After repairing with Perma-Patch, the surface will become as hard as the surrounding pavement. However, in contrast to our competitors, Perma-Patch maintains slight internal pliability. The unique formulation of Perma-Patch has self-healing properties that enable the patched area to flex, rather than crack, in response to changes in temperatures and pressures within the surrounding pavement. 

Perma-Patch is trusted by professionals to repair potholes permanently. We also guarantee the longest shelf life: 2 years. That way, any leftover Perma-Patch at the end of pothole season will remain ready for use all year and even into next winter. That’s right, you can use Perma-Patch all year long, in any weather conditions. Even the rain! Just pour Perma-Patch right into a water filled pothole and watch as the water is displaced. It’s that easy. 

How Perma-Patch Saves You Money and Time

Perma-Patch saves you money and time by requiring no extra steps. Perma-Patch provides improved repair durability with easier to use packaging at an economical cost. 

That means: 

  • No repeat repairs 
  • No equipment required 
  • No need for a larger crew 
  • No mixing or prep work 
  • No curing time necessary 
  • No waste

By choosing Perma-Patch, you will keep your budget intact, protect your crew from repeat exposure, and fix your problem the first time. 

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† Edmonds, Ellen. “AAA: Potholes Pack a Punch as Drivers Pay $26.5 Billion in Related Vehicle Repairs.” AAA NewsRoom, 1 March 2022, https://newsroom.aaa.com/2022/03/aaa-potholes-pack-a-punch-as-drivers-pay-26-5-billion-in-related-vehicle-repairs/.