Perma-Patch Crack Sealant 3405 is a premium crack and joint sealant for Portland cement and asphaltic pavements. As an economical and effective preventative maintenance treatment, Perma-Patch Crack Sealant 3405 prolongs pavement life by sealing cracks and joints from water penetration, which causes base failure and potholes. Perma-Patch Crack Sealant 3405 is a hot-applied, one-part material that provides excellent results in cold weather and throughout repeated freeze/thaw cycles. Perma-Patch Crack Sealant 3405 offers high resiliency, ductility, and resistance to weathering. Perma-Patch Crack Sealant 3405 forms a long-lasting seal that resists tracking in warm temperatures and remains flexible in cold temperatures.

Recommended Uses

Perma-Patch Crack Sealant 3405 is recommended for sealing cracks and joints in Portland cement and asphaltic pavements. It is designed to seal expansion and contraction joints, longitudinal and transverse cracks, joints between concrete and asphaltic shoulders, and random cracks.

Surface Preparation

Proper surface preparation facilitates adhesion and consequently the maximum service life of the sealant. In order for proper adhesion to occur, the crack/joint must be free of moisture, dust, loose aggregate and other contaminates. The substrate and air temperatures must be 40° F or above. Sawing, routing, and/or sandblasting are the preferred methods of preparation. Use oil-free compressed air and heat to clean and dry the crack/joint immediately prior to sealing. Cracks/joints should be sized so that the maximum extension and compression do not exceed 50% of the width. Best results are obtained when the cracks/joints are opened at least ½ inch wide.


  • ASTM D 3405
  • ASTM D 6690 Types 2 & 3
  • AASHTO M 301
  • AASHTO M 324 Types 2 & 3
  • Exceeds
  • ASTM D 1190
  • ASTM D 6690 Type 1
  • AASHTO M 173
  • AASHTO M 324 Type 1
  • Fed. Spec. SS-S-164
  • SS-S-1401C
  • FAA P 605″

Perma-Patch® Crack Sealant 3405 30lb Meltable Box


High Performance Crack Sealer for All Climates

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Crack dimensions
Perma-Patch® Product
Weight 30 lbs
Dimensions 19.5 × 12 × 4.5 in
Maximum Heating Temperature (° F)


Application Temperature (° F)


Heating Time (Hours Max.)


Penetration (dmm Max.)


Flow (mm Max. at 140° F)


Softening Point (°F Min.)


Low Temperature Flexibility (° F)


Viscosity (Poise Max. at 375)


Specific Gravity


Asphalt Compatibility


Flash Point (°F Min.)


Optimal Climate (° F)


Resiliency (% Min. at 77° F)


Net Weight (lb)


Net Weight (kg)


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Proven Most Durable
Per Federal Strategic Highway Research Project “SHRP” Test.
High Workability
Open. Pour. Done. Easy to use with no mixing or preparation.
Extreme Versatility
Handles your toughest applications.
2 Year Shelf Life
Always ready. Keep on hand with no waste.
Accepts Traffic Immediately
No drying or curing time.
Bonds Permamently
To asphalt, concrete, steel, wood, and other hard surfaces.
Applied in Water
Can be added to water-filled potholes and areas.
Works in all seasons and all climates.
Thin Application
Can be applied as thin as 1/4 inch.

Perma-Patch is the One That Works

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