Over the last few years, we have had strong, increased customer demand for new packaging options for Perma-Patch.

In response to these demands, we are excited to announce that you can now purchase Perma-Patch in 1 Ton Bulk Bags and Poly Woven Bags (40 LB & 50 LB).

Please note: We are not doing away with our legacy 60 LB Kraft Paper Bags. These new products will be offered in addition to our current products.

Why Purchase Poly Woven Bags?

Our Perma-Patch Poly Woven Bags are made of a tough poly woven material. These bags are made of our strongest material yet. They have survived extensive tear, truck, and drop testing. They are weatherproof and have proven to stand up against the most brutal of weather conditions. We are offering them in convenient 40 LB and 50 LB options. See our additional key features below:

Still interested in learning more? Click here to learn more about our new Poly Woven Bags.


Why Purchase Perma-Patch Bulk Bags?


Our Perma-Patch Bulk Bags are manufactured with durable, long-lasting polypropylene and feature 4 reinforced lifting loops on each corner allowing the bag to be moved with a forklift. They are specially designed for easy pouring into hotboxes, truck beds, or trailers. Better yet, no special tools, preparation, or curing time is required. Just open, pour, and drive. See our additional key features below: